Paper submission

Latex template: Download the Template >>Here

Dear IWPCTM16 Participants,

Thank you for your participation in the IWPCTM16 at Marseille.

We would like to inform you about our intention to produce ourselves the Proceedings of the Workshop very soon after it is held, without going through the submission in a special issue of the ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering (as for IWPCTM14 & IWPCTM15), which would be subjected to a long peer-review period.

Publication of the proceedings is an excellent means to ensure that your research presented at the IWPCTM will be available for all in the community but if it is within a reasonable time.

So, we propose to send your manuscripts (*.tex file and figures in *.pdf format), using the attached Latex Template before 15th November 2018..

Any submissions received after this date will be not included in the Proceedings.

  • Papers must be submitted using the THIS LaTex FORMAT.
  • All papers must be submitted in English.
  • Papers must contain no more than 6 pages (size A4).
  • Figures, diagrams, frames and tables are allowed.
  • The names and affiliations of ALL authors should be included in the paper.
  • Authors should avoid using colors in their figures. However, they can use colors in their figures only if it helps to illustrate a concept.
  • The proceedings of the IWPCTM16 are free to all the participants

Thank you very much for your cooperation

Best regards,

IWPCTM16 Organizing Committee